Wreck diver sketch.

As a kid I experienced a fascination with the ocean that will last throughout my lifetime. This is yet another drawing of an old diving suit. The drawing is an improvement of a sketch I did for a client, many years ago. The original version of this drawing was one of the first illustrations I ever had published.

6 Comments on "Wreck diver sketch."

  1. Wow, great detail. Nice job!

  2. The detail is gorgeous!

  3. Drawrite,
    Thanks for the compliment. Detailed drawings have always appealed to me.

  4. One of my favorite drawings of yours. It reminds me of my snorkeling adventures in the deep blue or the end of a magical quest to the Tortugas.

    • Nate,
      Glad you like the drawing. Are you the jester of Tortugas? He’s the pauper of the surf the jester of Tortuga, but is Davy Jones’s locker what lies in store? Ha, Lonely Island!

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