Captain Canada or Commander Canada

Here he is, eh, Captain Canada. He is the potent hero from the frozen North. Maybe I should call him Commander Canada; there could be a Captain Canada out there some place. He fights bad guys (That is why he is kicking Hitler) and promotes literacy. His nemesis is illustrated in the last drawing. The vile Sasq-bec is half Sasquatch and half French Canadian. I drew these for fun after I saw a trailer for the Captain American movie.

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  1. Believe it or not, Captain Canada is actually a thing. There were a few comics a while back:

    • Ben,
      I believe you, there most likely is a Captain Canada. There is a hero from Alpha Flight called the Guardian that looks like he should be called Captain Canada. However, I don’t think there are any villains called Sasq-bec that are half Sasquatch and half French Canadian.

    • Ben,
      Holy Canada bacon, you are right (Did not see your link at first). He seems to have teamed up with Captain Newfoundland at some point (I imagine Captain Newfoundland is a little over weight). The page you showed me lists Captain Canada’s occupation as unemployed. Funny, stuff.

  2. Why are people throwing punks at CPT Canada? He’s CPT Canada! He doesn’t have any enemies except, I guess, overfishing, overweight, and of course- Sac le Bleu. “I am, so, how-you-say, French? Non? Vell, look, I turn your petite battlefield into a golf course! HunHunHun!” Just remember, on a darker note of forewarning, an independent Quebec is a threat to the integrity of our own sacred Union, and should the Bloc Québécois ever manage to engineer their successor state, a pariah state on our expanding northern frontier, we should forcibly annex this short lived Nouveau Quebec, along with the rest of the by then fatally weekend commonwealth. Some of us patriots still haven’t forgotten the old battle cry of Fifty-Four Forty or Fight! We can thereby increase the continental landmass of our nation, incorporate a hoard of new states to further weaken the legislate branch for expanded federal Executive power, secure our boarders and liberate this rich Nördlichland. Moreover, global warming will turn our recently, justly acquired territory into the Ukraine of the future, also closing the Deering (Alaska) corridor and ensuring a steady grain and oil supply for our Thousand Year Union! What the hell where we talking about? Captain Canada? I Think he might oppose this plan.

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