Drawing of the trial of the Knave of Hearts

When Lewis Carroll climbed Alice down the rabbit hole in 1865, he had no way of knowing that he had created a permanent fixture on our Western pop culture landscape. Lewis Carroll’s creation has always been popular as a subject for illustrators. This illustration is from way back in my undergraduate college days. One of the fellows in my class put a book together of Alice in Wonderland and most of my class illustrated one drawing for him. No one wanted to draw the trial of the Knave of Hearts, so I volunteered to draw the trail. Almost every creature from Wonderland is present in the courtroom. The King and Queen of Hearts are sitting together in the judge’s box, while Alice looks on. I don’t think the illustration turned out as well as it could have. Alice looks too old and the colors are fighting with each other. I colored it with colored pencils. I found the drawing tucked in a dark corner and thought it should see the light of day, once again.

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  1. Reminds me of a typical media broadcast modern day courtroom with the griffin of justice and a mad hatter DA.

  2. It has the Mad Hatter and is full of mad color! I’m sure they had some sensational trails in Lewis Carroll’s time. Victorian England must have had it’s media circuses just like we have today.

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