Retro robot illustration

Here is the second of three retro robot drawings I created. This drawing is made with pen and ink and the color is applied in Photoshop. I came up with this robot’s design after looking at some 1950′s toy robots. I have always been a fan of B-Movies from yesteryear and of pulp science-fiction in all its wonderful forms.

2 Comments on "Retro robot illustration"

  1. That’s one swell picture there mister. Let’s sit in the front of the bus and go listen to that one beatnik poet while smoking at the fallout shelter.

    • Nate,
      It took me a second, but I got the reference. That was one swell reference, mister. That gave me a big tickle big daddy. That was a blast, but I’s got to agitate the gravel. I got some back seat bingo to attend to (Not really on that one).

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