Monthly Archives: June 2011

Wooden Monster

This mighty wooden monster was created for a client’s publication. The monster was the client’s idea and is a conglomerate of wooden toys that combined to make a huge wooden beast to be held together by some magic dripping green...

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Farm animals

This is a watercolor drawing I created a few years back. I found this sketch tucked away in the pages of an old sketch book. Farms and animals come up a great deal in children’s illustration. The ability to draw...

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Pirate illustration argggg

This is the sketch for the new illustration I created. The full color illustration is on my portfolio page on my website. I have always had an interest in pirates since I was very young, particularly the buccaneers of...

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Arggg pirates.

Arggg here there be pirates. I have always had an interest in pirates since I was very young. I tried a different look for the faces of these pirates than what I typically draw.

Bear in the Woods

Sometime I hope to turn this sketch into a full color illustration. Not sure exactly what inspired this drawing. I was looking for an interesting subject and was thinking about bears and woods.

Alaskan Indian Mask

This is an ink wash drawing of an Alaskan Indian mask. I used a photo I took at the Detroit Institute of Art for reference. There was a huge verity of masks from many cultures at the DIA. The one thing...

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