Monster Sketches

Caught in the act

Here once again is another illustration for Illustration Friday. Illustration Friday is a weekly art exhibit for illustrators and artists. The site was designed to challenge participants creatively to illustrate a word of the week. The word for this week...

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Sea monster tea time.

I will never grow tired of drawing monsters, whimsical or frightening. This is an example of a whimsical monster as compared to some of the terrifying monsters I have posted. I changed a few aspects of the drawing when I...

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My drawing of the legendary Chupacabra

This is my interpretation of the legendary Chupacabra of cryptozoology renown. The school where I teacher art has a predominantly Hispanic population. My students occasionally mention the deadly and mysterious Chupacabra. This creature is supposedly the size of a small...

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Plant Creature

Below is a frightening plant creature I created. It’s not the sort of plant you would want to find growing in your flower bed, and I don’t think weed killer would work on this plant.

Wooden Monster

This mighty wooden monster was created for a client’s publication. The monster was the client’s idea and is a conglomerate of wooden toys that combined to make a huge wooden beast to be held together by some magic dripping green...

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Feathered Serpent

I created a monster that referenced Aztec legends. The dangerous looking beast is a feathered serpent monster like Quetzalcoatl. This sketch is another one in a series I did for a friend’s project.