Character Sketches

Drawing of a jungle priestess

This is my drawing of a priestess in some dark dangerous jungle. She is caring a torch to light her way. I was influenced by the countless episodes of, “Lost” I watched. They sure enjoyed caring torches around on that...

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Line Line Drawing

I was stuck in an almost two hour line at the College of Southern Nevada. Requesting paperwork is never a pleasant way to spend your time, so I sketched the heads of some of the poor souls trapped in line...

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Maori-ish Warriors

Below are some drawings of combatants inspired by the Maoris of New Zealand. They are not meant to accurately depict Maori warriors. I went to New Zealand when I was a senior in High School and have always had a...

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This is a tattooed woman with way too many necklaces.  I created this sketch with colored pencils, watercolors and markers.