Separation illustration

This watercolor illustration was created for the Illustration Friday topic, separation. I thought of a division between two people and imagined the best way to illustrate this division would be with an Eighteenth Century sailor. Pirates are never far from...

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Snail Cavalry Brigade

Snail Cavalry bravely charging into battle at an unbelievably slow speed. Half a league, half a league, half a league very slowly onward, all in the valley of death rode the six hundred… did I mention slowly!  This is my...

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A robot and his dog

This is the last of three retro robot drawings I created. I created the drawing with pen and ink. The color is applied in Photoshop. I’ll have to try another subject for my next sketch. I’m sure someday soon I...

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Retro robot illustration

Here is the second of three retro robot drawings I created. This drawing is made with pen and ink and the color is applied in Photoshop. I came up with this robot’s design after looking at some 1950′s toy robots....

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Halloween scarecrow sketch

This scarecrow sketch is the first of my October Halloween sketches. Scarecrows are placed in fields by farmers to discourage crows and other birds from eating recently cast seed. Somehow they became attached to the popular imagery of the holiday...

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Kitchen Sketch With Kittens

This is a sketch I created for Proctor Publications a long time ago for a children’s book that was never published. The story was about the adventures of a young cat. I like the detail I put into the background.

Farm animals

This is a watercolor drawing I created a few years back. I found this sketch tucked away in the pages of an old sketch book. Farms and animals come up a great deal in children’s illustration. The ability to draw...

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